Daily dose of wisdom, Nazir 3: go all the way

The Talmud examine a man who vows: I am hereby a nazir and from grape seeds, or: I am hereby a nazir to refrain from grape skins, or: From shaving, or: From contacting impurity. In all theses cases he is a full nazir with all details of nazirut upon him.

We see that you need to know all the details of what is required of you before you commit to a course of action. Some of us would like to emulate certain successful men, but don’t realize that they are putting in massive amounts of work on their self education, networking, or training. You may want your figure to resemble a certain athlete, but this may only be possible by adopting a very strict diet and exercise routine that may be impossible for your personal situation.

To get all the way, you need to be willing to go all the way. You first need to know exactly what is required to get where you want to be in life.

A vow of Nazirut is all or nothing, if a person merely wanted to vow against shaving he could do so without mentioning Nazir at all. So too, if you identify specific elements of an approach to life that work for you, try to adopt and implement them.


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