Daily dose of wisdom, Nazir 7: it feels like forever

Our sages analyze a new Mishnah:

One who said: I am hereby a Nazir once long term, or: I am hereby a Nazir once short term, or even: I am hereby a Nazir from now until the end of the world, in all these cases he is a Nazir for thirty days.

The Gemara explains that the reason someone saying “from now until the end of the world” only intends a default 30 day period is that for him the restrictions of being a Nazir make it feel like forever.

Time is relative, for some people sitting through a movie seems like a long time, while for others it flies by. It is important to gain awareness of what activities feel arduous and grueling for you, so you can approach these tasks with a proper attitude. For example, it may be wise to put on an educational podcast or class while washing your car or trimming your hedges.

Other people may have a wildly different experience of the same event. If you are trying to impress someone, be on the lookout for signs that they are suffering through your plans rather than enjoying them. Have a backup with a change of scenery prepared. Bringing people to multiple venues can keep things fresh and exciting.


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