Daily dose of wisdom, Nazir 6: part of a day

The Mishnah teaches that the default and shortest period of Nazirut is 30 days. The sages in the gemara debate if this means that the Nazir observes 29 days and then brings his offerings and gets his hair cut on day 30, or if he needs 30 days as a Nazir.

The Talmud cites a rule that someone who vowed two successive periods as a Nazir can take his haircut and bring his offerings on days 30 and 59. This would seem to prove the opinion that he only needs 29 actual days.

However, there is a concept that when counting days, a portion of the day counts as a full day. Therefore, day 30 could be considered both the last day of the first Nazirut and the first day of the second.

When you have a day, even half a day, or just a couple of hours, make good use of it. Time is the only resource that is not renewable. You can never get back a wasted afternoon or a morning spent sleeping in.

If you have a few minutes to spare, you can do some basic exercises to get your blood flowing, preparing yourself for whatever you need to do next. If you have half an hour, a power nap can recharge you for the remainder of the day.

Our sages would memorize teachings and recite and review them while doing other tasks or walking to their destination. When your personal growth is your focus, you don’t want to waste a second.

There is another implication of part of the day is like the whole day. If you have indeed wasted a day, and there is only a little time left, turn it around and make effective use of whatever minutes remain. Ending a bad day on a good note has powerful effects.


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