Daily dose of wisdom, Pesachim 84: comes with age

The Mishnah explains that parts of a paschal lamb that are edible in an adult animal are considered the edible parts. The Passover offering must be a lamb or goat in his first year.  Some body parts are soft in the young animal but will become hardened and difficult to eat. If these parts can.be eaten after  long boiling, they are still considered legally edible, it.just takes more work.

Keep in mind that your personality changes as you develop in life.  When you are young it is typically much easier to mold yourself into the man you want to become.  Self improvement is a dynamic activity that works through feedback: you make a change, see positive results, and use that to reinforce the change.
When you are older you can still modify your approach to life, but you need to know that it will take more effort, more boiling.

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